Microclimate Fun!

I bought a basic thermometer with humidity sensor for $1.97 from Wal-Mart and put it in the greenhouse today, because the scientist in me just couldn’t wait for the fancy wireless weather station husband ordered on Amazon (pictured at right).

Day 1: The midday temperature inside greenhouse had no problem reaching 80 with outside


The New Greenhouse Gets Put to the Test

It snowed last night. Not a huge fall, but enough that it completely covered the grass. So immediately my panicked thoughts turned to my greenhouse seedlings.

Bought a Pear Tree Today

Today I bought a pear tree to expand my fledgling backyard orchard. (Can I call it an ‘orchard’ when the fruit trees are only as tall as my 4 year old?)

When I got home from the nursery, I placed my new Bartlett variety, semi-dwarf where it’s destined to be planted. I wanted to admire how


Building our PVC Greenhouse - Done!

Last night, the wind picked up and with no plastic over the tunnel portion, our little PVC greenhouse masterpiece got buffeted around a bit. Those plastic covered ends act like little wind sails, and the frame bangs against the house half the night. By morning, the bars down the middle of the top


Building our PVC Greenhouse - Progress

Today we finished assembling the PVC framing for the door and window, secured all joints with fastening screws, and stretched plastic over the ends of the greenhouse. We worked for about two hours total today, including time to correct ‘mishaps’.

It took two of us to align and secure the door frame because with


The New Organic Grower by Eliot Coleman

Eliot Coleman’s The New Organic Grower is jam packed with well-explained information for the backyard vegetable gardener.  The principles he outlines in his book can all be implemented on a small vegetable plot, even though the some of the book is aimed toward a more serious,and slightly larger scale “small market farmer”.

I really


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