Rainwater Harvesting: Is it Legal to be Green?

Since humans began growing food intentionally, people have been “harvesting” rainwater in some form and capacity. Rainwater harvesting systems really just allow you to temporarily ‘borrow’ some water from the water cycle , to irrigate your landscape or garden. After captured rainwater serves this benign purpose, it (theoretically) continues on it’s way through


Seed Starting in an Automatic Sprouter

I have an EasyGreen Automatic Sprouting Machine in my kitchen which I use year round for sprouting various edible seeds/beans/legumes. Eating fresh sprouts is something easy you can do really boost your vitamin, phytonutrient intake, and is an awesome way to have fresh greens all through the winter — but raving


Pear Tree Planting Perfectionism

Soil was just right for digging today, so in went the new pear tree. We took a gamble and started digging in a spot where a previous tree had been (we took it out years ago, but hadn’t pulled the roots), so there was potential for battling underground nasties, but it went fine.


Food, Inc. Documentary Airs on PBS April 21

This is mildly off topic to backyard organic gardening, but everyone who eats food needs to watch this movie, seriously. It is premiering on television April 21st on PBS. Just watching the trailer gets me riled up. If you’re the type of person who lives life with eyes wide open, you won’t


Hot Greenhouse Not Ideal for Digging!

*Note to self*

Schedule hard digging work for early mornings before the greenhouse heats up! I only was able to shovel dirt for about 15 minutes before I was pouring with sweat and had to escape the confines of the greenhouse.  (I’ll explain why I’m digging out my raised beds in a post next week


Container Potatoes - Best container to grow potatoes in?

How timely! My daughter (9 yr old) came home today with an assignment to choose and run a gardening related summer science project. I suggested she do an experiment to determine which container type is best for growing container potatoes.

A quick scour of the internet showed the following common container methods:

grow potatoes in


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